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Dyslexia screening and drug-free therapy solutions for children

Children benefit the most with early dyslexia screening so that if your child has the condition, it can be treated early. At the Attention & Achievement Center, our first step in helping your child improve academically is to conduct a thorough set of dyslexia tests to determine the root cause of your child’s development issues.

Dyslexia Screening and Drug-Free Therapy Options

Testing for dyslexia requires a comprehensive evaluation by a learning disability expert who can assess all of the different issues affecting the child. Dyslexia is a common learning disability. Working with a dyslexia testing expert, we’ll look for common signals of dyslexia such as distinguishing right from left, confusing words with similar letters like “on” or “no” and difficulty understanding and following instructions.

If your child does test for dyslexia, we’ll work with a child psychiatrist to make appropriate recommendations with school such as educational therapy or speech-language therapy. At the Attention & Achievement Center, we believe that most children can be treated for dyslexia with drug-free therapy. We leverage techniques like Neurofeedback, a painless system. Much like learning to play a sport, we help your child train their brains to perform for optimal learning.

For additional dyslexia treatment and screening information, call the Attention & Achievement Center at 925-416-1400.  We help children throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


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