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Autism Treatment Centers

Diagnosis and treatment of autistic children in the Bay Area

autism treatment centers in the Bay AreaMind Builders has developed a set of autism treatment techniques that are customized for each patient’s unique circumstances. There are a variety of autism treatments available, including EEG Biofeedback, Auditory Integration Training, Sensory Integration Training and Sound Therapy techniques.

What are the available Autism Treatment Options?

If your child is diagnosed with autism, it is critical to get professionals involved to determine the best autism treatment. There are many autism treatment options and the right method of treatment depends on the severity of autism present in your child. Some children require lifelong autistic treatment but if the training and care is appropriate, autistic children can lead happy, productive lives with some independence.

Drugs and medication are rarely important when treating autism. Only in rare cases are antidepressants or anti-psychotic drugs relevant for very specific symptoms such as aggression. Studies and data indicate that the best autism treatment is often early, intensive intervention that leverages behavioral training and language therapy. Early intervention and autism treatment is critical because studies have shown that treatments that start at age two or three can greatly improve the chances of a child’s overall development.

How Do I Start the Autism Treatment Process?

The Attention & Achievement Center has four autism treatment centers in the San Jose and San Francisco area. Contact us to start the initial evaluation process to determine the best autism treatment methods for your child. 925-837-1100 or 408-740-3100.



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